This is not Voluntourism, this is real Conservation

We think it is very important to make clear that we are NOT a voluntourism organisation, we do not offer thinly disguised diving holidays as conservation programs, our work has been ongoing for the past 7 years and is now breaking new ground in Kep province. We focus on both the Conservation (protection) and the research of Cambodia’s Ocean and currently focus our full resources on Kep’s Ocean in preparation and in assistance to the Local government in the creation of Kep’s new Marine Protected areas.

Why pay 1000’s of $$$ to large profit based voluntourism companies?

We keep our fee’s to a minimum as we do NOT take two thirds of your cash for profits like some large organisations, for less than a quarter of the cost of any large volunteer agency, you can join our program and really contribute your skills while being taught new ones, Our internship programs have been providing the perfect setting and facilities for higher education students to fulfil their university requirements for many years. Our short staying volunteers get to join a fully operation program getting them involved quickly and utilising their existing skills while offering a chance to see a working conservation and research program and pick up some new skills. 



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