The Cambodian Marine Mammal Conservation Project

Always dreamed of studying Dolphins? Here is your chance.

Studying Kep Archipelago Coral reefs

One of the world threatened ecosystem. We do everything we can to understand and protect it.

The Conservation And Anti Trawling Structures

Become part of MCC underwater deployment team!

The Seagrass Project

Kep Archipelago seagrass meadows are a Cambodian treasure. Discover our research work!

Studying Kep Archipelago Seahorses Populations

Kep Archipelago is a paradise for seahorses. If you want to join the research team, here is the right place.

“Rolloc Samleng” Project

Discover our outreach project, which aims to teach marine ecosystems though art!

Empowering Emerging Cambodian Marine Conservationnists

During the past 4 years, we’ve trained the youngest team of Cambodians Marine Biologists!

Inspiring International Students to Conserve the Marine World

One of our most important mission, transmitting our knowledge! See what we do for the future of Marine Conservation!

Investigating Marine Harvesting Networks

Kep Archipelago local communities depends on traditionnal fishing. Fishing effort, Local markets, IUU surveillance
MCC Updates

Kep Archipelago designated as an IMMA!

The Kep Archipelago has been officially designated as an Important Marine Mammal Area (IMMA), by the IUCN Marine Mammal Protected Area Taskforce!

Volunteer and Intern Blog Posts

A Trip To Ho Chi Min

Chiara Gambini – A Trip To Ho Chi Min – 12th November 2018

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Are you ready to read the latest exciting news from MCC?

MCC Updates

First Year Kep Archipelago Marine Mammal Report

In September 2017, Marine Conservation Cambodia launched the Cambodian Marine Mammal Conservation Project (CMMCP), the first long-term marine mammal research program in the coastal waters of Kep province, Cambodia. CMMCP aims to support the conservation of Kep’s marine Mammals, the main focus of the first year was researching the Irrawaddy dolphins through collecting missing baseline data that can be used to create tailored dolphin conservation legislation in the Kep region. This report details activities, findings and successes of CMMCP’s first twelve months in the field, ending with a presentation of tailored conservation suggestions for the Kep region.

We would like to thank the Fisheries Administration of the Royal Government of Cambodia for all their support throughout. Much appreciation also goes to The International Conservation Fund of Canada, The Heinrich Böll Foundation and Chelonia Ltd for their economic support/equipment donation.

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MCC Updates

Helden van de Wildernis Cambodja

Great short video clip from the beginning of the Dutch, Helden van de Wildernis (Hero in the wild) Documentary covering the work of MCC and  MCC’s founder Paul Ferber, created by Warner Brothers Netherlands.

Here is a link to the full documentary Helden van de Wildernis, Cambodia.

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MCC Updates

2017 Marine Survey Reports, Koh Seh, Mak Prang and Angkrong

We are Very happy to have finally completed the 2017 Marine Assessments of Koh Seh, Koh Man Prang and Koh Angkrong.

With Koh Seh and Koh Angkrong now being Conservation Areas within the new MFMA, we hope that next years assessments will continue to show a recovery of the areas, Koh Man Prang should also show some improvement as this area will be classed as a tourism zone, which does not allow fishing activities.

The Koh Seh report is an interesting read and shows well the improvements that can be made with good marine protection and a pro-active approach to conservation.

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MCC Updates

Introduction to The Liger Marine Research Team

Wonderful short video from our amazing Liger Marine Research Team students.

We truly believe that it will be the young generations of Cambodia that will take up the fight to protect their marine environments, this short video shows the dedication and passion of our first young Khmer students.

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MCC Updates

New partnership with the Waitt Foundation

MCC is happy to announce a new partnership with the Waitt Foundation! Like the National Geographic Society, they will support our work towards the deployment of our artificial reef project! 

Volunteer and Intern Blog Posts

A Testimony from Doug

One month ago, one of our volunteers, Doug left our island after volunteering with us for one month. He really loved it, and created a picture album about his stay. On each picture, you’ll find a small description of what happened while he was taking the picture. He actually did that for his entire month, and try to communicate what was happening here in his own way. Just below, you’ll find the link of his album.

MCC Updates

2 new project manager positions available!

2 new positions are available at MCC! Click and check out if you can be the candidate we need. Sharpen your humour and if you are seriously interested, contact us at!