MCC Updates

First Year Kep Archipelago Marine Mammal Report

In September 2017, Marine Conservation Cambodia launched the Cambodian Marine Mammal Conservation Project (CMMCP), the first long-term marine mammal research program in the coastal waters of Kep province, Cambodia. CMMCP aims to support the conservation of Kep’s marine Mammals, the main focus of the first year was researching the Irrawaddy dolphins through collecting missing baseline data that can be used to create tailored dolphin conservation legislation in the Kep region. This report details activities, findings and successes of CMMCP’s first twelve months in the field, ending with a presentation of tailored conservation suggestions for the Kep region.

We would like to thank the Fisheries Administration of the Royal Government of Cambodia for all their support throughout. Much appreciation also goes to The International Conservation Fund of Canada, The Heinrich Böll Foundation and Chelonia Ltd for their economic support/equipment donation.

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