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Discovering our new Partner

2018 will be the year of change for the Archipelago and MCC. After having collected 12 136$ with our crowdfunding campaign, we managed to find a new partner, Heinrich Boll Stiftung, who will pledge 10000$ for MCC projects.

This 29 of March was the occasion for MCC to meet HBS managers and partners, as well as having some financial guidance for the year to come.

This meeting explained us the financial standards of the foundation, closely related to the German green party. This was very informative and helpful useful for us.

We are the first project related to conservation and climate change mitigation in the all country for HBS. Their biggest area of funding is related to gender equality and education. So far, this collaboration will last for 2018, but we hope we will be able to develop long-term relationships, as HBS is used to do with their partners. 

MCC is extremely happy with this partnership and will make sure everything goes well in the next weeks and months.

meeting pp hbs group picture

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