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The Cambodian Marine Mammal Conservation Project




In September 2017, MCC introduced The Cambodian Marine Mammal Conservation Project, in collaboration with the Royal Government of Cambodia’s Fisheries Administration. The project’s primary aim is to collect data on abundance, distribution and residency to delineate and protect critical habitats for the endangered Irrawaddy dolphin in Cambodia’s Kep Archipelago.

Total Land Surveys 298
Total Boat Surveys 162
Total Number of Individuals Identified 32
Total Number of Species Identified 2


Project activities:

●        observational land surveys using a Theodolite and Pythagoras software,

●        observational boat surveys

●        photo-identification techniques using Discovery software,

●        acoustic monitoring using a real-time hydrophone and a passive acoustic monitoring device- C-POD and                  CPOD.exe software,

●        social science techniques,

●        data entry, processing and analysis,

●        education and outreach, 

●       responding to marine mammal strandings,

●       sharing findings with government groups, the scientific community and local people through producing peer-           reviewed scientific articles, technical reports, meetings, conferences, workshops and social media

Do you want to be an intern?

Basic internship training schedule

Session 1: Introduction to MCC and The Cambodian Marine Mammal Conservation Project.

Session 2: Research method training on observational land and boat surveying techniques.

Session 3: Marine mammal identification and behaviour training.

Session 4: Marine vessel identification training.

Session 5: Data sheet and data entry training.

Session 6: Drone footage analysis training.

Session 7: Research techniques theory test, followed by feedback and debrief. 

Session 8: Theodolite and Pythagoras introduction and training.


You will also become involved in other project related activities, depending on your interest, skill set and length of stay.

Internship requirements

We are looking for dedicated, motivated and hard-working interns, able to commit for a minimum internship period of one month. We are looking for those who will commit to early mornings and late nights, with a keen interest in marine mammals and their conservation. Ideally, we are looking for university students or recent graduates. 

If you are interested in this internship and would like to know more, please email Amy Jones at:


Project Publications

Tubbs et al. (2020)

Tubbs et al. (2019)

The Cambodian Journal of Natural History News Item introducing The Cambodian Marine Mammal Conservation Project

Social Media

Facebook: The Cambodian Marine Mammal Conservation Project

Instagram: @TheCMMCP

Twitter: @TheCMMCP                                                                                                                                                             

 If you would like to know any further information about our marine mammal research project, please send an email to


If you are interested in donating to our marine mammal conservation efforts, please visit  The Cambodian Marine Mammal Conservation Project Donation Page




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