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Alex got carried away

Volunteer Koh Seh Cambodia


INTERVIEWER: If you were stuck on the island with only one other volunteer who would you choose to be with?


ALEX: Well, from my couple of months here on Koh Seh, I’d have to say that one person springs to mind. There are a few really important qualities that set him apart from the rest (apart from his good looks and British accent, oh my god I love his accent…)


Firstly, I’d have to say general housekeeping is important on the island to keep the place looking nice and the only way to describe this guy is a domestic god. He is great at sweeping the bungalow daily and wiping down the table after meals. Lucky for me, I plan the weekly dishes schedule and weekend cooking so I try to pair myself with him as much as possible (I hope he doesn’t notice).


On the island it is important to be good with kids and this guy is a super good role model. He brought books from England to read to them and alternates with other volunteers teaching Jasmine and Fern math. He even has a collection of cartoons that he’ll play at night so we’ve watched The Jungle Book a lot recently.


A strong work ethic is another awesome quality to have and this counts for a lot on Koh Seh. This guy is so focused when we work on government proposals and island reef surveys. Speaking of strong, he always looks super chill when he is unloading the heavy dive tanks off the boat.


Sorry, I got a bit carried away, to answer to answer the question it would have to be Henry Wingfield.


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