Volunteering and Internships in Cambodia

Costs and Pricing


The current costs for staying with us vary depending on your length of stay, your experience and what you can personally offer to our project.

You can find other programs in Cambodia both more and less expensive than us. But we guarantee, you will clearly see where your money goes once you arrive, as mentioned in other areas of our website we are fully self sustaining, we havent secured any research grants yet, we rely on the fees we charge to be able to accomplish the objectives asked of us by the Royal Government of Cambodia and our own project goals and objectives.

The weekly fee covers all of your accommodation, food, diving (excluding courses) and other direct expenses needed to support you during your stay. It also includes a small amount that goes to cover project costs such as the Khmer staff wages, running and maintenance costs such as boats, electricity, water and materials needed to conduct the research.

We do NOT use any of your fee to cover administration costs, advertising costs or foreign staff wages.

For stays of 2 weeks or less, the weekly fee is 500$.

For stays of 3 weeks, the weekly fee is 400$.

For Stays of 1 month the Weekly fee is 350$.

With each addition week after 1 month costing 300$

From experience we have found that volunteers that can offer us more time are able to make the biggest impact, so for stays longer than 2 months, please contact us to work out a cost that can suit your budget whilst still allowing us to operate effectively.

If you’re an experienced academic or professional, please contact us at  so we can discuss how to best use your skills.

For Khmer students we do offer full scholarships, please apply to find out more.



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