Marine litter

Accumulation of human waste and litter along the coasts and major rivers present a very real danger to marine life, even on our base island Ach Seh. Although we clean our beaches regularly, we still can’t keep up with the speed of trash washing up on our shore. To stop this, MCC is committed to working with the Cambodian government, local communities and schools to change the way they use and dispose of plastics and waste

MCC is the organization that invented these anti-trawling structures
Encountering a dense patch of seagrass during an underwater survey
Our team doing a dolphin survey at the treehouse with binoculars
Cambodian young girls showing their octopus drawings at the end of our outreach session
Latest highlights

Our latest beach clean on the Kep pier counted over 40 participants and yielded more than HALF A TON of trash that would have otherwise ended up in the sea.

Outreach and education
Latest highlights

Out of all the items collected, 94 % were made out of PLASTIC !

Latest highlights

We have visited schools and hosted university students to talk about the plastic problem in Cambodia and discuss solutions to combat it

Outreach and education
Latest highlights

We’ve trained hundreds of Cambodian primary school, secondary school and University students on seagrass, marine mammal, and many more areas.

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Cambodia faces a colossal plastic problem, with around 10 million plastic bags used daily in the capital alone (UNDP Cambodia, 2019). Most of the country’s plastic waste travels down major rivers, such as the Mekong and ends up in the ocean. They trap marine animals and destroy habitats, before they eventually break down into micro-plastics and harmful chemicals that are ingested by marine life and humans.

Impact on marine life

Washed away trash on Koh Seh

what we do: Research on type of trash with OC

Top found items picture

Large-scale beach clean with government

What we do Outreach and education: include upcycling

Plastic bottle boat pic when finished

Planned: Set up a disposal system

Beach clean-ups

Reef clean

We clean our reefs and around the archipelago weekly.