Habitat Structures Deployed in Kampot

Kampot Communities FPS Deployment: In the first six months of 2023, MCC, has deployed a total of 18 block structures and 2 bamboo clusters in 2 communities in Kampot, which are 10 structures in Trapeang Ropov community and another 8 structures plus 2 bamboo clusters in Prek Tnaot community. The aims of this project are to prevent illegal trawling activities from going inside the community area and to protect marine biodiversity and habitat, specifically on seagrass meadows, as well as create an artificial habitat and ecological corridor for the marine life in the community. During the deployment in Prek Tnaot community, our professional diver team faced challenging weather and water conditions, including storms, rain, wind, poor visibility, and muddy sediment that made it difficult to deploy during the time.