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What is outreach?

Outreach can be defined as an effort by an organisation or group to connect its ideas or practices to a specific audience. Here, we are using it to provide marine ecology education to local schools.

Why is it needed?

Kep archipelago’s management can only be sustainable with the involvement of local people. Fishing communities rely on the sea’s resources, but most haven’t had the chance to see what lies underneath the surface of the ocean. Our education project aims to bring the subject of marine ecology into local communities. To do so, we work in partenership with local schools and organisations where we run sessions on different marine topics. We do things a bit outside the box though. Our goal is to nourish student’s imagination through creative and engaging activities. For example, we will create a yarn painting mozaique of coral polyps or dress up as sharks with handmade costumes!

How can you help ?

As a volunteer, you will be helping on the preparation of these activities and be able to attend and assist those sessions. Your daily tasks can range from preparing saltdough to creating a giant food web. We believe that people with a diversity of skills can contribute to our marine outreach project.


Tell us how your specific skill set can contribute to the project : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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