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Here are some reviews from our volunteers and interns, Please share your experiences with us.:

My only regret I have about my time at MCC is that I didn't stay longer.. After arriving at MCC (at a time that was a bit of a low for the team) in early December, eager to start my internship and begin diving, I was greeted by a few people that I did not expect. The ever lovely Fern and Jasmine, eager to show me around the fabulous Koh Seh, taking the weight of their fathers shoulders, Paul Ferber. The next morning I would start my internship and change my life forever. The experience of my 8 weeks was far greater than anything that can be taught at a university. Paul and the team were exceptionally quick in accommodating me and getting me up to scratch with the ins and outs of island life. I was thrown right into the deep end, quickly acquiring my Advance Diver licence from Gabor, and at the same time being taught fish, invertebrates, seahorse and seagrass identities. By the time I left MCC, I had become a trainer / teacher and survey leader, was diving 3 times a day and staying up late spinning yarns with the whole team and trying (and failing) to learn Khmer.

This organisation is a bright speck in an otherwise gritty ocean, with many illegal fishing vessels in the Kep region, MCC aims to eliminate and educate local fishermen, in a way where sustainability may be achieved. Because, in the end, that is the goal, for future generations to be able to enjoy the beauty that we have been able to enjoy. The feeling you get when leaving is a mixed one, you are sad to be leaving such a great place, but ecstatic because you have helped to make a difference!

And, if conservation isn't necessarily your thing, the island is a pretty swell place to escape ;) Sleeping 20 meters from a stunning coral reef, being able to snorkel everyday among some of the worlds most beautiful fish, there isn't much more you could ask for!

I can't recommend this enough for anyone who ever dreamer of being a marine biologist or who is remotely interested in conservation!
And I can not wait to get back to the island!
Date of Posting: 20 February 2015
Posted By: Max Bayly
3rd Year Marine Biologist at University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
I spent almost 3 months in Phnom Penh as a volunteer teacher, which was an amazing experience, but as my own treat and "vacation" for the last two weeks I decided to join the Island Divers at Koh Ses in their diving project to learn how to dive as well as helping out saving the ocean, which was a dream come true! My diving instructor was a fantastic woman who made the learning fun and easy, and on our very first "real" dive we saw a little baby seahorse. Despite of my short time there it felt like you belonged, that all the volunteers were a big friendly family from all nationalities, sharing the same love for the ocean. Meeting other volunteers is a great opportunity to make friends worldwide you can travel and visit later on! I learnt so much about vertebrates, fish, seagrass and seahorses on my stay here, and would love to have stayed longer to develop my diving skills even further. A very rewarding experience where you find yourself, get to dive every day, learn more about the ocean and help save it!
Date of Posting: 29 January 2015
Posted By: Linda Agren
I'm a Swedish girl of 25 who works as a teacher but in in my spare time I love being creative, travelling, reading, cats, mermaids..., Sweden
I had the most amazing time working with MCC. Waking up everyday to such a beautiful view was a real pleasure, but getting to dive every day was even better. I had the opportunity to gain my PADI Advanced Open Water certificate which allowed me to more confidently take part in the surveys. We would survey reef fish, invertebrates, sea grass and, best of all, seahorses. Once you had done a few seahorse ID dives, you started to be able to spot the seahorses yourself which, since they are masters of disguises, felt like a great achievement. I loved to dive amongst the beautiful coral reefs with the schools of different fish, it was a magical experience. We were also able to do night dives where you could see the bioluminescent plankton as well as other nocturnal creatures. When we weren't diving, we'd take part in land activities such as beach clean ups. My favourite land activity was helping to build concrete trees which we'd later plant in parts of the reef affected by trawler damage. We'd imbed these trees with corals so they would grow into a new, man made coral reef. It is an amazing feeling knowing that you've helped to build a habitat for thousands of organisms. If you're looking for an adventure, I thoroughly recommend a trip to Cambodia working with MCC.
Date of Posting: 08 December 2014
Posted By: Natasha Kensington
Working with MCC was such a great experience, and I am glad I could be a part of it. Especially because I was involved from the beginning of the project at Koh Seh which made everything even more interesting because I slowly saw the project shifting into place. The people that are involved with the project really have a heart for it and they pass this feeling on to the rest of the volunteers. You feel at home when you are on the island, because it is very beautiful and the accommodation is really good as well. And you will grow as a person and learn a lot. It is really amazing how much I have gained in knowledge about marine conservation, biology and diving of course. Besides that I think it is really important that the work MCC is doing continues since the situation at this point in the sea around Cambodia is really bad. When diving you can see that there is so much damage done and it is good that there is an organization like MCC trying to change this and help the marine environment improve. All in all I can recommend working with MCC for everyone, even if your not into marine biology or anything like. It has absolutely been an unforgetable experience!
Date of Posting: 20 November 2014
Posted By: Pim Van Eersel
This summer I participated in the volunteer activity of MCC for four weeks.When I arrived at the Koh Seh, I felt anxiety because there were no restaurant, no wi-fi, no shops. I had never been in such an environment. But instead, there I saw a very beautiful island with amazing view. Watching sunrise and sunset made me feel really relaxed.
Also, I was so happy that I was able to spend a good time with MCC staff and other volunteer worker.

Actually, my activity were mainly 3things. Hearing the presentation, sea glass survey and picking up garbage near the beach. I learned the method of the investigation by the presentation. Then, I dived approximately 2-3 times a day to research the sea glass. At first, I was not a good diver, but, I everyday practice made me a better diver.

I want to tell you about my three experiences that I was really impressed.
First, is the view of the sky filled with stars. Not only was the sky so beautiful, but because i was looking at the sky while night dive, water surface's reflection made it even more beautiful.
Second, finding the seahorse and observation of the seahorse was really fun. Most of them were really tiny and cute.
Finally, I went for a small trip with other volunteer worker. That was a very enjoyable time.

In the end, every moment at the island became unforgettable memory for me.
Date of Posting: 15 September 2014
Posted By: Gaku Kiyota
While working with MCC, I learned to not only appreciate the ocean, but Cambodia and its culture as well. The on-site team was so welcoming and inclusive, that the little island felt like family right away!
In many ways every volunteer brings something different to the project, something I appreciated as ideas were readily accepted and discussed. On land and in the water, the main focus is always conservation; Every action counts!
Date of Posting: 14 July 2014
Posted By: Myrah Graham

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