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Good news, you can now donate to Marine Conservation Cambodia through the donation portals of the International Conservation Fund of Canada, supporting our work for now 4 years.
For US donors:
- Once you click on the page, select "Yes, I would like to choose where my donation should go"
- Then select "ICFC Cambodia: Marine Conservation"
- Fill up the form, and you're done!
You can aslo take some time and discover ICFC other amazing projects around the world. They have been our stronger partner, and without them, nothing would have been possible!

Donate through the International Conservation Fund of Canada

Here, you will be able to donate through the online donation system of ICFC, our trusted partner for now 4 years!

Donate through the International Conservation Fund of Canada (US Donors)

Here, US donors specifically will be able to support Marine Conservation Cambodia.

The Cambodian Marine Mammal Conservation Project

Always dreamed of studying Dolphins? Here is your chance.

Studying Kep Archipelago Coral reefs

One of the world threatened ecosystem. We do everything we can to understand and protect it.

The Conservation And Anti Trawling Structures

Become part of MCC underwater deployment team!

The Seagrass Project

Kep Archipelago seagrass meadows are a Cambodian treasure. Discover our research work!

Studying Kep Archipelago Seahorses Populations

Kep Archipelago is a paradise for seahorses. If you want to join the research team, here is the right place.

"Rolloc Samleng" Project

Discover our outreach project, which aims to teach marine ecosystems though art!

The Liger Marine Research Team

During the past 4 years, we've trained the youngest team of Cambodians Marine Biologists!

Inspiring the next generation of Conservationnists

One of our most important mission, transmitting our knowledge! See what we do for the future of Marine Conservation!

Investigating Marine Harvesting Networks

Kep Archipelago local communities depends on traditionnal fishing. Fishing effort, Local markets, IUU surveillance



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Join MCC team Now!
Get involved & help us protect Kep Archipelago.
Volunteering with MCC will give you the opportunity to have a visible impact and participate real conservation projects. After your training, you will help us look for the rare Irrawaddy dolphin, you will try to find the well-hidden seahorse, you will help us build and deploy anti-trawling structures, you will let your own mark on MCC.
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