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After we reported the entry into Cambodia of a set of Large IUU Vessels (Pair Trawlers), Kampot fisheries leapt into action and managed to locate, tackle and apprehend the destructive illegal vessels, but with limited boats and staff they needed assistance.

Kampot fisheries called directly to our team and requested for us to assist them, We left everything we were doing and went straight out to support the Fisheries Patrol Team. Our job was to help with the recovery of the net, and tow the larger vessel back to port as it had entangled its propeller in its own net whilst trying to escape.

Below are a few pictures of the morning after, it was a little to dark for any good nighttime shots, but as we were still working when the sun came up, heres the Pics :) Great Job Kampot Patrol Team, These boats are one of the most destructive types of IUU Vessel entering Cambodian Waters and must be stopped.



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