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Roll On MCC

First heard about MCC, on the island of Koh Seh, from Maria my daughter who visited 4 years ago. We came here together for a week in early Feb 2019. Me to avoid the UK winter her to take a break from working in HCMC.

It’s a wonderful place and location to spend time with science’s based environmentalists, conservationists and ecological activists. A very mixed bunch. French, French Canadians, Germans, British and Americans plus the team of Khmers who make the place run smoothly.

We were privy to group discussions and talks about MCCs activities which were very inspiring and a much welcomed change from the relentless negative news one usually gets fed about environmental issues.

Ours ‘jobs’ while here were to watch for dolphins (saw 2, maybe more) from a platform which gave a wonderful scenic view of the archipelago. To scuba dive in shallow waters, looking for seahorses. And, despite the arduousness of the task, to do beach cleans. Actually good fun to with a positive group of people.

It has been a real pleasure, even for such a short period, to see young people from across the planet working together for the benefit of, in particular the Cambodian costal peoples, but working, step by documented step for the good of the earths oceans as a whole. Roll on MCC.

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